Commanders International
Kill Team rules pack
What is it?

This rule set and mission pack was designed and tested by the community. We of course love Games Workshop for the models and games they produce but they have a lot of things to focus on, and unfortunately Commanders (which represent 42% or 89/209 of all datasheets in the game) for Kill Team was left behind.

This however, shouldn't mean it should be forgotten.

We all know how great 125 with elites plays, but there are a lot of units and wargear which don't quite fit this format, and to be honest we all want to play with at least some of those.

This war gear was overpriced for dealing with the standard models, but not for the big boys, the elites, the kings of men and xenos alike. These unique units really do add a huge variety of options for every faction and are a great experience to play, if balanced correctly.

This is where our passion started and why we have worked so hard to bring you our 'love letter' to Competitive Commanders. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, now get out there and lead your forces to glory

Commanders International rules

You can play Commanders International in 2 variants.

1. Full format variant - Please use all additional rules, primaries system, secondaries system and missions from this Kill Team pack.

2.Expansion variant - You can add Commanders International pack to any other competitive KT pack (eg.: LVO 2021). In that case please use missions with bonus objectives(max 3 VPs in match), special faction rules, additional terrain rules, custom tactics and deployment restrictions(like in arena) from the chosen pack but use CI additional rules and restrictions (point 3), primaries system, secondaries system and errata.
Format Rules

Before the event, each player must create a Command Roster consisting of 3 and 20 slots. 20 slots may be used for any model and another 3 slots only for Commanders. The rules for Command Rosters and Battle-Forged Kill-Teams are found on page 62 of the Kill Team Core Manual.

The Kill-Teams, and their respective Tactics, from Kill Team Rogue Trader, Kill Team: Elites, Blackstone Fortress, White-Dwarf Magazine, Kill Team Annual 2019 and the Pariah: Nexus are allowed (including Commanders).

- Kill Team’s cost is up to 200 points.
- Kill Teams must include Commander.
- Specialists can have only 1st level

Kill Teams have to be chosen and announced before the game starts, after receiving mission, opponent and terrain layout.

Before the any other actions have been taken, both players have to choose their secondary objectives (see below) for the game. Do decide who chooses the secondary objective first, both players make roll off. Loser of that roll-off makes his choice first.

After all secondary objectives have been chosen, players make another roll off, and the winner of the roll-off chooses which deployment zone will be their own. The players then take it, in turns, to deploy one model from their kill team, starting with the player who lost the roll-off. Once the players have set up their models, deployment ends and the first battle round begins.


Please use sub-faction bonuses from LVO tournament rules pack for factions: Kroot, Elucidian Starstriders, Gellarpox Enfected, Daemons, Servants of the Abyss, Sisters of Silence and Adepta Sororitas.
Scoring Victory Points


You can score 15 VPs from primaries in a KT match.

At the end of the Battle Round, a player scores 1 Victory Point for each of the following :

You can take this Score Sheet to make ot easier

You can score 12 VP from secondaries in a KT match.
1. Each player should choose 3 secondaries from secondaries list

2. You can score 1 VP from secondary per round. Secondaries marked with * , can be scored differently which is described into each secondary content.

Unlike other tournaments, Secondary Objectives for this packet have been balanced around being revealed at the beginning of the game. This should be done before players roll for Deployment. If players forget to reveal their Secondary Objectives to their opponent at the appropriate time, both players must remove any models already placed on the board and begin again as if Deployment has just been rolled and reveal their chosen Secondary Objectives before placing models onto the board.

If a Secondary (such as Marked for Death or Survivor) indicates a specific time for part of the Secondary to be revealed, then you can choose to wait until that point of the game to reveal that part of the Secondary. All aspects of all secondaries should be revealed before your first Initiative Roll is rolled. If you fail to reveal the models you’ve chosen before the initiative roll, you cannot score those objectives in this game

The maximum score a player can achive in a game is 25 victory points. Even if the sum of the Victory Points is over 25 points, a player cannot gain more (for example even if a player scores 15 points from primaries, and 11 from secondaries, the final result can still be only 25 points).

Each secondary can be scored once per turn, to a maximum to 3 VPs (unless stated otherwise) with the exception of secondaries that can score multiple VPs at the end of the game.
Secondaries marked with a * can score more than 1 VP in a single Battle Round, or can give a player 4 VPs instead of 3 VPs.

Bonus mission specific objectives can be scored once per turn, to a maximum of 3 VPs, with the exception of bonus objectives that can score multiple VPs at the end of the game.
Secondary Objectives
1. Overkill - 1VP

Score 1 VP if you rolled 2 or more dice for an Injury Roll that killed an enemy model.

Alternatively; Score 1 VP if you put more successful Wounds on an enemy model than it’s remain Wounds which then took it Out of Action.

2. Domination - 1VP

If you have more unshaken models within 3” of the center of the board than your opponent at the end of the Movement Phase score 1 VP.

50-99 pts Commanders count as 2 models and 100+ pts Commanders count as 3 models for this secondary.
3. Steadfast - 3VP

Score 3 VP at the end of the game if there is at least one Objective that you have controlled for every BattleRound.
4. Dog Pile - 1VP

At the end of the Movement phase, score 1 VP if two, or more, different models from your kill team made a successful charge move against one enemy model in that phase.
5. Art of Combat - 1VP

Score 1 VP if two or more of your models performed one of the following actions (they can be the same or different):

- Consolidated into any enemy model that you were not already with 1" of,
- Fell back or

- Retreated .

6. Four Quarters - 1VP

Divide the battlefield into four equal rectangles.

At the end of the Battle round, Score 1 VP if there is at least one model from your kill team wholly within each of these rectangles but not within 3” of the center of the battlefield.
7. Survivor - 3-4 VP

Pick a model from your Kill Team (not Commander) and reveal it before you roll your fist Initiative roll. This model can not be put into Reserves.

If at the end of the battle that unit is wholly outside of your deployment zone, on the battlefild and unshaken score 3 VPs.

In addition if this unit has any flashwounds and all previous conditions are met score additional 1 VP.
8. Old School Cool - 1-4VP *

Score 1 VP if your kill team takes one or more enemy models Out of Action in the first Battle Round; Score 1 VP if you have at least one model wholly within the enemy’s Deployment Zone at the end of the game. Score 2 VP if the enemy’s Leader is Out of Action.
9. Whirlwind - 1VP

Score 1 VP if one model from your kill team forced an
Injury roll on 2 or more enemy models in one Battle Round.
10. Reaper - 3VP

Score 3 VP if 7 or more enemy models are taken Out of Action during the game.

Blue Horrors and Brimstone

Horrors do not count towards this secondary.
11. Bounty Hunters - 1VP

When an enemy model is taken Out of Action, place a Token wholly underneath its base before removing the model from the battlefield. Score 1 VP if a model from your kill team ends any move in contact with any of your markers, and then remove that marker.

You can grab only 1 token per phase.
12. Abduction - 1VP

Score 1 VP if a model from your kill team takes an enemy model Out of Action while that model was within 2” of 2 or more models (other than Shaken
models) from your Kill Team.
13. Lead from the Front - 1VP *

Score 1 VP every time your Leader removes an enemy model or uses the tactic “Lead by Example”
14. Death from Afar - 1VP

When a model from your kill team makes a shooting attack at long range that takes an enemy model Out of Action, score 1 VP.
15. Mind Games - 1-4VP

At the end of the Morale phase, score 1 VP if your opponent is forced to take a Break Test.

Score 3 VP if their kill team successfully breaks.
16. Siegemasters - 1VP *

Gain 1 VP if you cause at least 1 point of damage to the enemy commander in a round. This can be scored 4 times (1 VP per phase).
17. Press the Advantage - 3VP

100+ point commander tactic.

If you control an objective nearest to your opponents deployment zone in the final battle round, score 3VP.
18. Commander's Sight - 1-4VP

At the end of the game score 3 VP if you’ve used a Commander aura tactic in at least 3 different rounds.

Score another 1 VP at the end of the game if Commander is alive (which can bring your total to 4 VP) and unshaken.
19. Marked for Death - 1VP

Before rolling to hit an enemy in any phase, except the psychic phase, state that this model will be “marked to death”.

Score 1 VP if you successfully take this model out of action in the same phase.

Can be declared only once per round.
20. Knife in the Back - 3VP

1-49 pts Commander tactic.

If your unshaken Commander model is in the enemy’s deployment zone in the end of last round score 3 VP.
21. Decimation - 3VP

Every time your Commander takes an enemy model out of action, count it.

In the end of last round, score 3 VP If your Commander killed at least half of the total number of out of action enemy models during this game.
22. Follow my Lead - 1VP

Score 1 VP if your non-commander model kills an enemy model while under the effects of your Commander's aura
23. David & Goliath - 3 VP

Score 3VP if a non-commander model kills an enemy Commander.


Each game lasts 4 Battle Rounds.
At the end of the game, the player with the most victory points is the winner. If there is a tie, whichever player's Commander is alive and unshaken is the winner. If both of Commanders are alive and unshaken whichever player has scored more points on primary objectives is the winner. If there is still a tie, the player who controls the most objective markers at the end of the battle is the winner. If there is still a tie, whichever player has scored the full possible value on more secondary objectives is the winner. If there
is still a tie, the player with the most specialists on the battlefield at the end of the battle is the winner. If there is still a tie, the players roll-off to determine a winner. If a player wins by one of the tie-breaker methods above, they are awarded 1 extra Victory Point.

The balance of this format is tailored to the specific requirements for the placement of the terrain on your gaming field. Place 2 terrain pieces in the center of the field, no closer than 4” inches apart. Each part of the terrain must be able to cover at least 1 tactical space marine model.
Then place 2 more terrain pieces at opposite ends of the field, no closer than 4” to tedge of the field and terrain that have been placed before. Each part of this terrain must be smaller than the terrain located at the center of the field.
These terrain pieces are called “Impassable Terrain”.

Models cannot be targeted over impassable terrain as line of sight (LOS) cannot be drawn above or over it.
It is still possible to draw LOS to models using it for cover, provided it can be drawn along the sides of the impassable terrain. It may not be climbed, moved through, or flown over in any way by any model with FLY or similar abilities or tactics. Models may not be set up on top of impassable terrain. Measurements can be made through impassable terrain.
Mission 1: Duality

Score 1 VP if you control exactly 2 objectives at the end of any Battle Round.

Mission 2: Extraction

If a model from your Kill Team ends a Battle Round wholly within your enemy’s Deployment Zone, score 1 VP.

Mission 3: Keep Away

At the end of the Battle Round, Score 1 VP if no models from your Kill Team are even partially within the battlefield quarter that includes your Deployment Zone.

Mission 4: Maximum Strength

In the end of a round score 1 VP if your Commander is controlling any Objective except the one in your deployment zone.

Mission 5: Area Secure

Score 1 VP for every enemy specialist that is taken Out of Action.

Mission 6: Drop Sites

In the end of a round score 1 VP if you’re controlling at least 1 objective in your own, and your opponent's deployment zone.

Mission 7: Surrounded

Score 1 VP if you control both objectives closest to the edge of the field (marked with a green dot on the map)

Mission 8: Confrontation

Before deployment, choose any objective on the field. You have to share that information with your opponent.
If you control it at the end of a round, score additional 1 VP.

Mission 9: Stolen Intel

Score 1 VP if you control the Objective in your opponent’s deployment zone.
Score 1 VP if you kill an enemy model that is either in your deployment zone, or within 2’ of your deployment zone.

Errata & Clarification

Unlike others, all Commanders with the 'Legendary Hunter' specialization must be played with a level that is described in their respective datasheet.


Change limit of sister repentia to “-” from “1”.


Change specs available to Commander “Vulgrar Thrice-cursed” to:
- Ferocity
- Strength
- Melee
- Fortitude


Change specs available to Commander “Elucia Vhane” to:
- Logistics
- Melee
- Leadership
- Strategist
- Stealth


Change the wording of the War Hymns ability as follows: Add 1 to the Attacks characteristic of ASTRA MILITARUM and ADEPTA SORORITAS models whilst they are within 6 inches of any friendly MINISTORUM PRIEST.

If IIic Nightspear is taken you may replace the sub-faction Alaitoc with your preferred sub-faction.


Chaos Daemons Commanders do not break any chaos marks, and they can also benefit from it if they share the same Chaos God e.g. a exalted sorcerer could benefit from Tzeench mark, but not from Nurgle.

Chaos Daemons can’t have invulnerability save better than 4++.

Chaos Daemons Commanders:
- Tzaangor Shaman
- Exalted Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeench
- Sorcerer
- Sorcerer in Terminator Armor
- Dark Apostle
- Master of Possession
- Greater Possessed


Sisters of Silence can use Canoness or Shield-Captain as their Commander. Canoness and Shield-Captain benefits from the Sisters of Silence faction bonuses


Commander in XV85 Enforcer Battlesuit cannot benefit from ‘Saviour Protocols’ and use ‘Manta Strike’.


Commanders added from different factions like Canoness from Sisters of Battle to Sisters of Silence can use their commander's tactics from their parent factions. (like aura tactics)


All Kill Teams which don't have their official faction bonuses can benefit from factions added by LVO 2021 format.


You can force only 1 injury roll from any offensive psypower’s mortal wounds.


'Point-blank overwatch' tactic can be used in the tournament/league as an organisor decision depending on the terrain layout in disposal".


Adeptus Astartes ‘Death Denied’ tactics costs 3 CP.


Ferocity Specialist’s ‘Counter-attack’ 1st level ability and all other, similar abilities in the game does not allow player to activate unit in fighting phase if that unit does not met the normal conditions to be activated.
So this ability can not be interpreted as “always fight first” or “can be always activated” .
Please enjoy!

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